English résumé

This project is based on the event Fagfestival, a Danish conference for all people in media that is taking place every other year. We are three guys, Morten Nevado, Steffen Frostholm and Rasmus Palsgård, on the project. The event itself took place from the 11th to the 12th of November. Guest speakers from all over the world come to speak about their specific area of knowledge in the world of media, and Fagfestival is the most important event for media people in Denmark.

Our job – along with our 21 fellow students – was to cover the different presentations. Our focus was on knowledge sharing, which means that we concentrated on getting useful information and points from every presentation and used it to make articles that would be useful on a longer scale for participants as well as non-attending media people. An example is “10 great tips for Twitter”, which is easy to understand and use, if you want to improve your Twitter skills.

Our ambition was – as written above – to get a website (Fagfestival.dk) that would be relevant for media people on a longer scale, and that is the reason why we chose knowledge sharing instead of more typical event covering or news making.

Furthermore, the implication of social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter, was a very important part of the project for us in order to share our material with the relevant people and – in the best case – get these people to share with their network. Therefore one of us was constantly monitoring the social media stream in order to be in touch with the current direction.

Beside the one having the job as social media manager the other two were webmaster and editor, respectively.